Friday 10

1) Prince – “Loose.”  Surprisingly fun album track from the hated Come, which Rich Bunnell once described the difficulty of reviewing: “Here’s a song that sucks… here’s another song that sucks… and we’re done.”

2) Alice Cooper – “Nurse Rozetta.” Extremely Pete Townshend-like epic from the underrated From the Inside album, including the hideous erection couplet “I’m suddenly twice my size/my pants are all wet inside.” Also includes the line “she pulled the buckle of my Bible Belt.” About fucking a mental hospital attendant, basically.

3) Aimee Mann – “Amateur.” Long, languid ballad from the wonderful I’m With Stupid album, which would be better if every song on it didn’t sound like this. Whee paradox!

4) Erasure – “Take Me Back.” Poptastic but generic mid-pace song from the I Say I Say I Say album. It’s very very hard for me to dislike a Vince Clarke song.

5) A Tribe Called Quest – “Verses From The Abstract.” One of the better songs from one of the top 10 rap albums of all time, The Low End Theory. “Once had a fetish/a fetish for some booty/now I’m on the mic and rapping is my duty.”

6) The Jesus and Mary Chain – “Head On.” Another good song from an album full of clones of said song, Automatic. I like this as much as the Pixies cover.

7) Guided by Voices – “Subtle Gear Shifting.” Yes oh god yes, a GBV b-side. And a good one. One of Tobin Sprout’s all-time grinding guitar “riffs.”

8) Andy Bell – “Electric Blue.” The title track from his absolutely terrific 2005 solo album. It doesn’t really go anyway, but listen to that synth bass and tell me gay people shouldn’t get married.

9) Erasure – “Worlds On Fire.” Um, three Erasure songs? Didn’t I just add like 200 hip-hop tracks to my playlist? Whatever; a fairly catchy track from the underrated Cowboy.

10) Iris DeMent – “Higher Ground.” What a sad end. The hideous final track from DeMent’s great Infamous Angel album, a duet with her warbly, gospel-obsessed mom. Listen to everything else on the record.

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