Weigel, Weigel everywhere

I’ve got a column up at Reason about the politics of the gay marriage amendment. I also posted a diary at Daily Kos about the potentially election-swinging gaffe of the Democratic candidate in California’s 50th district. Kos frontpaged it, so it’ll probably become a ping-pong table for a while.

A note about Daily Kos. I belong to the site under my real name – the same name I used to mock Daily Kos back in 2004 in a piece for the American Spectator. If I wanted to run for president or buy 100,000 shares of Exxon or something, this might be used against me. In my more Democrat-supporting moments, I’ve said some snarky crap there. But I find it pretty irresistable to stay near the Kos universe. It’s a fascinating, unfolding experiment in media and a hell of a lodestone for what Democrats are thinking. (I used to have a FreeRepublic account for the same reason, but that was years ago and I forget what my name and password were.)

2 thoughts on “Weigel, Weigel everywhere

  1. Slate quotes Reynolds: “Message to Karl Rove: When you’re being double-teamed by LaShawn Barber and Dave Weigel, you’re probably working from the wrong playbook.”

    What does that mean? What is the shelf on which you’re the other bookend to LaShawn Barber?

  2. It could mean Barber is the Repubican base; Weigel is the swing vote. Or possibly Barber is the passionate Christian rightist who speaks from the heart; Weigel is Cool-headed libertarian who renders hard analysis. But I think what Glenn really meant was just that two smart people coming from different ideological perspectives both think the Republicans are blowing it.

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