Rain on the Strawman

Like I said in a Hit and Run post today, I’m fed up with the carping and gloating that follows every piece of news from Iraq. By far the silliest aspect of this, which I didn’t mention, is the Strawmanism. Whenever good news about the war breaks, hawk bloggers will spend 90 seconds in a far left forum, post the worst crap, and pat themselves on the back for their investigative journalism. Take Powerline.

How are our friends on the left reacting to the great news about Zarqawi? They aren’t happy about it, if postings on Democratic Underground are any guide… These people are lost souls, and it would be easy either to laugh at them or to feel sorry for them, but for their enormous influence within the Democratic Party.

Yes, the enormous influence of Democratic Fucking Underground. I hear half of Hillary’s power donors come from that site, and 2/3 of the DNC.

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