So Funny I Forgot to Rejoin PNAC

I’m guessing (hoping?) it was fatigue that drove John Podhoretz to think this list of the “Top 11 Things That Anti-War Protesters Would Have Said At the Normandy Invasion on D-Day” was funny. It’s a mirthless batch of howlers predicated on the idea that anti-war protesters would have assumed the invasion of France was as objectionable as the invasion of Iraq, because just like they don’t get that we’re liberating Iraq from Jihadists they wouldn’t have grokked that we were liberating the Gauls from the Nazis. Or something. Ask any veteran of the gruesome 1944-1947 French insurgency!

Let’s see.

11. No blood for French Wine!

This joke was old when we were still looking for WMDs.

9. In 62 years, the date will be 6/6/6. A coincidence? I think not.


8. All this death and destruction is because the neo-cons are in the pocket of Israel

First of all, this.

Second, it would have been tough to write slogans pillorying a country that wouldn’t exist for another four years. But those anti-Iraq war 65%-of-the-country loons are all vicious anti-semites. They would have found a way.

5. We are attacked by Japan and then attack France? Roosevelt is worse than the Kaiser!

Who the hell was making Kaiser references in 1944? I suppose I could point out that Germany declared war on the United States, but this piece of “wit” actually harkens back to the “France = Iraq” insanity, and it’s not worth going back over that.

1. I don’t see Roosevelt or Churchill storming the beaches — they’re Chicken Hawks

The “Chickenhawk” argument, such as it is, has never been about whether leaders are brave enough to invade alongside their troops. It concerns politicians who beat the drums for war but avoided opportunities to serve when they were of prime fighting age. No one would ever have made that argument against Churchill, who served in the IV Hussars Calvary regiment, or against FDR, who was crippled in 1921. They wouldn’t argue that unless they were idiots. Like, say, the blogger at “Nihilist in Golf Pants.”

As idiotic as this all is, it’s illustrative of the – I’ll say it – quagmire that the Iraq debate’s become, at least online. The pro-war blogosphere is buckled into the deepest echo chamber ever built. They haven’t engaged anti-war voices for years; they still think the opposition consists of unreformed Maoists and Tucker Carlson. How else could they sift through crap like this and think “oooh, we nailed those peaceniks”?

America‘s News Channel. Get it?

The redoubtable Charles Johnson brings this to our attention.

Kofi Annan Agrees with Deputy’s Anti-American Comments

Oh, god! What did the deputy say?

Mr. Malloch Brown said that although the United States was constructively engaged with the United Nations in many areas, the American public was shielded from knowledge of that by Washington’s tolerance of what he called “too much unchecked U.N.-bashing and stereotyping.”

“Much of the public discourse that reaches the U.S. heartland has been largely abandoned to its loudest detractors such as Rush Limbaugh and Fox News,” he said.

That might be stupid, but how is it “anti-American?” I’ve got to renew my voting registration this week. Am I going to have to prove that I watched “Your World With Neil Cavuto”?

Weigel, Weigel everywhere

I’ve got a column up at Reason about the politics of the gay marriage amendment. I also posted a diary at Daily Kos about the potentially election-swinging gaffe of the Democratic candidate in California’s 50th district. Kos frontpaged it, so it’ll probably become a ping-pong table for a while.

A note about Daily Kos. I belong to the site under my real name – the same name I used to mock Daily Kos back in 2004 in a piece for the American Spectator. If I wanted to run for president or buy 100,000 shares of Exxon or something, this might be used against me. In my more Democrat-supporting moments, I’ve said some snarky crap there. But I find it pretty irresistable to stay near the Kos universe. It’s a fascinating, unfolding experiment in media and a hell of a lodestone for what Democrats are thinking. (I used to have a FreeRepublic account for the same reason, but that was years ago and I forget what my name and password were.)

Weigel in Los Angeles, June 29

I’m going to be in Los Angeles at the end of the last week of this month, flying in at 1 am Thursday morning and leaving on Saturday or Sunday. (To be determined this week, when I find out when I need to fly up to Idaho for another story.) Get in touch with me if you want to hang.

Friday morning snark

Hey, only Dick Cheney gets to do that!

(You’ve got to love the reading comprehension skills from Malkin, too. The guy says Chuck Schumer is a guy “who, how do I phrase this diplomatically, who will put a bullet between the president’s eyes if he could get away with it.” The joke doesn’t work at all, but it’s basically “Schumer, man, he’s one tough Jew.” Malkin translates this as “DEM: PUT BULLET BETWEEN BUSH’S EYES.” Some days I want to put her and Amanda Marcotte in a room and see whose IQ hits the floor fastest.)