Rep. Mark Foley (R-Fl.) has been mentioned as a future senator from Florida, but rumors of homosexuality have dogged him every time he mulled the race. I never got why until seeing him on Fox just now.

He makes Liberace look like James Coburn.

There’s a video of Foley on one of his sites, but it looks like he crammed some speaking lessons for that shooting day and hasn’t kept up with them since.

UPDATE: Some video here. It’s not as obvious as what I saw on Fox, probably because Foley was all hyped-up about the “Fuck the Democrats” vote.

What? Again?

I don’t mean to turn this blog into a clearing house for stupid things that happen to me, but I get a little closure when I do so. It’d be less noticeable if I blogged on other topics to balance it out. ANYWAY.

I get home from the Take Back America conference yesterday night and plop my two heavy bags on the floor. I fix myself a coke, and eventually knock it over, because that’s what I do to drinks in glasses. Hurridly I mop up the coke, but the floor’s still wet. Whatever. I’m tired and I go to bed, and I (apparently) knock over one of the bags, because, like I said, that’s what I do. I accidentally knock things over.

Wake up, do some things. Realize I left a tape recorder in the bag. As I pore through it, I realize that… everything is soaked with soda. The bag fell on the wet floor and the moisture soaked through the flimsy material. The tape recorder is ok, but the reason I had this bag in the first place was I brought Michael Kazin’s “A Godly Hero” to get signed by the author. I now have a beautiful signed copy of the book, stained with sticky brown soda. Again, I managed to spill soda on it without ever spilling soda on it. It was spilled in the final step of a complete Rube Goldberg clutter machine.
Does one ever un-learn being a slob? Or should I just budget some money for the resolution of these daily fuckups and blunders?

Quick recommendation

Over the course of one work out and one round-trip Metro ride, I started and finished Chuck Klosterman’s “Killing Yourself to Live.” Hell of a book, and Klosterman’s first with an honest-to-God narrative instead of assorted, disjointed ramblings. (The ramblings are still there, but they particularly concern locations and women Klosterman encounters and they’re actually sorted.)

Speaking of journalism: When using a tape recorder, the odds of being seating right next to (or in front of) a person with breathing problems and/or allergies approach 1:1.

Hell week

Monday-Tuesday: Covering Take Back America conference.
Wednesday: Writing column off TBA conference, co-hosting (sort of) Reason happy hour.
Thursday: Driving to Philadelphia.

Not so much blogging on the radar.

Rain on the Strawman

Like I said in a Hit and Run post today, I’m fed up with the carping and gloating that follows every piece of news from Iraq. By far the silliest aspect of this, which I didn’t mention, is the Strawmanism. Whenever good news about the war breaks, hawk bloggers will spend 90 seconds in a far left forum, post the worst crap, and pat themselves on the back for their investigative journalism. Take Powerline.

How are our friends on the left reacting to the great news about Zarqawi? They aren’t happy about it, if postings on Democratic Underground are any guide… These people are lost souls, and it would be easy either to laugh at them or to feel sorry for them, but for their enormous influence within the Democratic Party.

Yes, the enormous influence of Democratic Fucking Underground. I hear half of Hillary’s power donors come from that site, and 2/3 of the DNC.