Tonight’s “The OC” finale

Wow – it’s rare you get to see a show jump the shark so definitively, isn’t it? (Assuming you don’t think it jumped with the crazy depressive guy in season one. Which is a valid theory.)

UPDATE: Upon reflection, I just noticed that Seth got a late acceptance to the Rhode Island School of Design. He’ll start in January, not August or September. I think the producers are aware “Gray’s Anatomy” is going to eat their lunch and they’ll get pulled midseason for Untitled Norm MacDonald Project. A sad end.

Deliberate Four

As opposed to “random,” of course. Ten songs I’m enjoying at present.

1) Fred Neil – “Everybody’s Talkin'”
Everybody’s sick of the Harry Nilsson version, right? I am, at least temporarily. Probably why I adore this “Aooooo-waaaaoh-wao-oh”-less original recording.

2) Pink Floyd – “Southampton Dock”
From The Final Cut, which basically is the same melody written 12 times consecutively. This one has just the right length and a beautiful arrangement.

3) Graham Parker – “Local Girls”
From Squeezing Out Sparks, which has no weak tracks whatsoever and you should buy it.

4) Hall & Oates – “Did It In a Minute”
The moment when Daryl and John fully sold their souls to the synthesizers. I like synth pop. I apologize to no man.

5) Isley Jasper Isley – “Caravan of Love”

“Driven to madness”; or, “License to shrill”

Anyone who knows me is aware that I used to be very, very moody. For a bunch of reasons, I am no longer. I can roll with most punches. That said, Thiefgate 2006 is testing the hell out of my newfound zen calm. Because my old driver’s license was stamped in Delaware, it’s unclear whether I have to head back there (via a pricey Amtrak ticket) or have to take a driving test in Virginia. There’s no end to the trouble this fucking thief has caused me.