Kick, scream, rejoice

First the Criterion Collection released “Dazed and Confused” (pre-ordered, arriving at my house in two weeks), and now they’re putting out Noah Baumbach’s “Kicking and Screaming.” Life’s too good. I didn’t think anyone remembered this bitter, unashamedly bleak romantic comedy about four college graduates who take their liberal arts degrees and trust funds and do… nothing for a year. Well, that’s not true. Grover (Josh Hamilton) smokes and pines over the girl he met at the end of senior year, who then moved to Prague. Max (Chris Eigeman) looks down his nose at his intellectual peers and rebels by dating a townie cafeteria girl. And there are some other characters. If you like Richard Linklater movies or you liked Baumbach’s own “The Squid and the Whale,” see the hell out of this.

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