V for Vendetta

First 2006 release I’ve seen and it’s a great one – unless Hollywood has a sudden genius injection, I imagine it’ll make my top 10 in December. It does make a few un-Alan Moore concessions to manichean ethics, but for a $50 million film aiming to be an international hit, I’ll let that slide. One example: In the comic version of “V,” fascists took over the UK in the chaos brought about by a US/NATO-USSR/Warsaw pact nuclear exchange. (Labour had won the 1983 election and pulled out of NATO, so the country was spared.) In the film version, fascists start ascending in the generally turbulent first decades of the 21st century, and they consolidate power by … oh, I’m on the way to a spoiler alert. Suffice to say, the change of setting in the movie version makes it much clearer that V’s terrorism is a force for good. In the comic, since we knew the rest of the world was in tatters, it was anyone’s guess what the results of a democratic overthrow of the government would bring about in the long run.

Plus, there’s the free post-movie amusement of cultural conservatives whipping themselves up into a frenzy about “V”‘s crimethink. Imagine a gang of rhesus monkeys trying to do calculus. No – dumber.

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