Liberal blogs delenda est

I’ve said it a million times: I neither expect or desire for this blog to become popular. That either gives me 1)more right or 2)less right to heap scorn on other blogs. I haven’t decided.

Either way, here’s some scorn!

1) Every year, the blog Wampum hosts the “Koufax Awards” for liberal weblogs. It’s not very hard to code web polls, even if you want to code them to restrict multiple voting or demand voters register before they vote. Why, then, does this preeminent blog award offer the stupidest voting system ever? Look at the link I just sent you. There’s a blog post with a list of a hundred (seemingly) blogs. If you want to vote, you either post your vote as a comment or email the Wampum blogger. That’s insane. When I copied and pasted this page with all of the votes into MS Word just now, it was 76 pages long.

2) Speaking of long … we have a new winner in the Amanda Marcotte Run-On Sentence Iditarod. This is all one sentence.

You know, I thought the whole Warren plotline on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” where the character who designed the sexbot, lost his girlfriend, decided to get the girlfriend back by casting an enslavement spell on her, accidentally killed the ex while attempting to rape her, and then ended the season by wounding the straight woman whose power threatened him and killing the lesbian with the gentlest soul imaginable was a tad over the top as a metaphor for a certain mentality that leads all too many men to call themselves “libertarians” and concoct ever stranger arguments for how “freedom” means the opportunity to put the boot to bitches.

It is 108 words long.

2 thoughts on “Liberal blogs delenda est

  1. Not only is that sentence abominably long, but if you’ve actually seen the show, it makes no goddamn sense whatsoever.

  2. Okay, now I’m worried, because once I broke out the decoder ring I thought I had figured out what Marcotte is talking about. Everything she describes Warren as doing did happen. Marcotte argues, in her … way, that Warren’s actions were a metaphor for the mentality of John Tierney-style libertarians. I think that’s wrong, but it’s a theory.

    There was a metaphor behind the Warren storyline, but I thought it was the more simple extension of the “what would antisocial nerds do if they got powers?” theme. Is it possible the feminists in the Buffy writer stable were making points about misogyny, too? Yes, I think that point is inherent when you’re talking about nerds like Warren and the rest of the “Trio.” And the writers certainly played up that aspect of it. Wasn’t it two magical balls that gave Warren (or whoever held them) superpowers?

    All that said, I think the metaphor was a lot more fun and complex than the insano-feminism Marcotte seemed to find in it.

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