A Rasmust to avoid

I never, ever get tired of dopey bloggers going all in on Rasmussen daily tracking polls. There’s nothing wrong with Ramussen, but for various reasons his surveys usually peg Bush 5-10 points higher than other national polls. And of course, all daily polls will reflect random statistical noise than real political observers know to take into account. But pro-Bush bloggers, occasionally grasping for good news, will praise these polls to the stratosphere.

Today’s offender is Polipundit’s Alex McClure. On Monday, Rasmussen had Bush at 45%. Shit! Goddamn! Get off your ass and jam!

Bush Job Approval Rating
President Bush’s job approval rating seems to be slowly rising.

Rasmussen polled again overnight and … hey-hey, Bush’s approval fell to 43%. And today, it’s at 42%.

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