Random 10

Now with 20% more Sparks!

Belle & Sebastian – “Dear Catastrophe Waitress”
Peter Gabriel – “D.I.Y.”
ELO – “The Diary Of Horace Wimp”
Sparks – “Underground”
The Isley Brothers – “(At Your Best) You Are Love”
Minutemen – “D’s Car Jam / Anxious Mo-Fo”
John Lennon – “One Day (At A Time)”
The Magnetic Fields – “Boa Constrictor”
They Might Be Giants – “32 Footsteps”
Sparks – “Kiss Me Quick”

Long Distance (Hit and) Runner

I won’t lie – posting on Hit and Run is fun. It’s also producing the first negative feedback I’ve received for blog posts since the Mark Levin trolls attacked DW-i. A (I thought) fun post about immigration protests produced this comment:

I don’t think much of Weigel’s commentary here. It’s not evidentiary; it’s tendentious.

I think my policy on constructive criticism like this (it is constructive; he’s saying I offered more opinion than proof) will be to email and follow up with the commenters. I don’t want to foist those arguments on the comment threads.

Perfect vision, perfect pop

I added a truckload of links to yonder blogroll, including one to the terrific rock critic Scott Floman. Today Scott tackles two of the best albums in the “power pop” genre – the self-titled debut by 20/20 and their second album, Lookout! I’m forever trying to prune the song selection in my iPod (with 30 gigs of space, I only have 500 megs left free), and I physically cannot remove the songs from these two records.

A Rasmust to avoid

I never, ever get tired of dopey bloggers going all in on Rasmussen daily tracking polls. There’s nothing wrong with Ramussen, but for various reasons his surveys usually peg Bush 5-10 points higher than other national polls. And of course, all daily polls will reflect random statistical noise than real political observers know to take into account. But pro-Bush bloggers, occasionally grasping for good news, will praise these polls to the stratosphere.

Today’s offender is Polipundit’s Alex McClure. On Monday, Rasmussen had Bush at 45%. Shit! Goddamn! Get off your ass and jam!

Bush Job Approval Rating
President Bush’s job approval rating seems to be slowly rising.

Rasmussen polled again overnight and … hey-hey, Bush’s approval fell to 43%. And today, it’s at 42%.

I do (live on the second floor)

What the hell?

New York City, February 13, 2006: Suzanne Vega of New York City and Paul Mills of Los Angeles were married on February 11th, 2006 at her home in New York City. She is a singer-songwriter, the daughter of Richard Peck of Irvine, California and Patricia Vega of New York City. She is also the step-daughter of the author Edgardo Vega Yunque of New York City. The groom is a sole practitioner civil rights and criminal defense trial lawyer and poet, the son of Goodwin and Rebelle Mills of Marblehead, Massachusetts.

It gets weirder. Or, if you’re romantic, it gets “more romantic.”

Paul Mills, formerly a staff writer and contributing editor of FUSION Magazine in Boston, was a well-known Greenwich Village night club and street performer of classic and original poetry under the name Poez in the early 1980’s. The couple met at Folk City on West 4th Street in 1981. Mr. Mills proposed to Miss Vega in May, 1983, and she accepted his proposal on Christmas Day, 2005.

This isn’t bull – someone on Vega’s message board posted a photo of the two from 1982. Remember, Vega’s first hit was “Marlene on the Wall” in 1985. So I’m assuming Mills fell in love with her before she was famous, lost touch with her when her career took off, watched tearfully as she married and then divorced Mitchell Froom, and then, having stayed single for 22 years, hooked up with her and reignited the spark.

Oh, did you think I was done? I’m not done. By all appearences, Mills got back in touch by leaving this message on her website.

Hi Suzanne.
I have a fairly unexciting question which might be considered personal I suppose. Is this a good way to contact you?
P. Mills

Regardless of whether or not you care about Suzanne Vega, this is kind of cool.

Bye bye Bibi, Bibi goodbye

This is heartening.

UPDATE: Says John Podhoretz:

The horrid irony of this whole election is that if Bibi hadn’t decided to challenge Ariel Sharon — the most popular politician in Israel’s history — last fall for leadership of Likud and almost pull it off, Sharon wouldn’t have left Likud to form the new Kadima party. Had Bibi just been patient and less greedy, he would have been in place when Sharon was felled by his stroke. He would have gracefully taken up leadership of Likud due to Sharon’s incapacitation, and would have sailed into the prime minister’s seat for a second time. Instead, he has been squashed like a bug, brought down by his own hubris.

I love stuff like this. For example, consider what would have happened if Rudy Giuliani stuck out the 2000 New York Senate race and defeated Hillary Clinton. Next in succession for the mayoralty was Mark Green, the arch-liberal “Nader’s raider.” Assuming that he performed with any degree of competence in the aftermath of 9/11, he would have become a hero, and the landslide winner of a full term two months later. The two political he-men of the crisis would have been George W. Bush and the left-wing “America’s Mayor,” who presumably would take center stage in all of the Left’s arguments about post-9/11 war and national security issues. As for Rudy … well, there would have been some use for a liberal Republican senator from New York. A future HUD secretary, maybe?

Rich Dave, Poor Dave

Look, kids! It’s Bill Weld!

ALBANY, N.Y – Republican candidate for governor Bill Weld proposed Tuesday that New York eliminate the personal income tax for people making up to $75,000.

“That’s a living wage,” he said. “I think that would be a great step” to stemming the flow of New York college graduates leaving the state for better opportunities.

At first I thought, “Wow, I make less than half of a living wage.” And then I realized I don’t know anyone in my field (journalism) or age group (millenials) who makes within shooting distance of $75,000. So, there are two possibilites.

1)Bill Weld = insane.
2)Everyone I know = will die of tuberculosis.

Rum, Romanism, and Hilarity!

Andrew Sullivan laughs and links to some inspired anti-Catholic insanity at WorldNetDaily. This stuff always puts me in mind of my last visit to an evangelical church. The Sunday school (really adult Bible story) lesson for the day was on how Catholicism wasn’t real Christianity because their heiarchal tyranny discouraged Christians to build their personal relationships with God. Encounters of this nature lead me to believe that Mitt Romney has less of a chance in Hell of the presidency than he and his hairstylist(s) seem to believe.