At the end of a grueling week I visited Delaware to suit up for CJ Stunkard‘s bachelor party. This is the third bachelor party I’ve been to, and the third one sans strippers. Not for us. For us, there was New York Comic Con.

I’m a desperately lazy man, so I’m going to repost my description of Comic Con from a recent IM dialogue.

DaveWeigel81: OK… well, people start lining up at 2 am for tickets to signings and stuff, which start getting handed out at 8:30. My friends and I got in line at 8, we get through the line at 10:30. Not bad so far.
DaveWeigel81: The main convention hall has artists, dealers and exhibitors all in there, in 5 lines of booths. By noon, there is still a line to get in. Then the fire marshall arrives and says they need to kick out 500 people or will be shut down for violating the code.
DaveWeigel81: So they kick out like 500 people, all of whom paid their $25. And they cordon off all other enterences to the hall.
DaveWeigel81: At 1 pm, Kevin Smith speaks in the event hall (I saw him), he finishes at 3, and starts walking to the main hall to sit at his table in the artists’ alley. But organizers realize this won’t work so they send him to another room without telling anyone.
DaveWeigel81: So a mob scene forms at the View Askew booth, and eventually the VA guys hand out 100 tickets for people to enter the room KS is in and get signatures.
DaveWeigel81: He HAD been booked for unlimited signatures from 3-6. But oh well.
DaveWeigel81: That was the worst of it.
DaveWeigel81: Luckily I was outside meeting a friend from 11-1, and didn’t enter the main hall til 4, when it was emptying out.

All that said, it was actually a pretty enjoyable experience. Once I got into the hall I met the incredible Evan Dorkin, who signed one of his sketches for me, and Alex Robinson, who signed a copy of “Box Office Poison.” Kevin Smith is as funny in person as I’d ever heard. I’m not much of a comics geek anymore, but with some poking around I found artists and comics that I had loved for years (oh, and the hardcover collection of Jaime Hernandez’s “Love and Rockets” stories for 50% off).

I didn’t take too many pictures – it was just too damn hectic. But, here’s a picture of Dean entering the main hall.

And here’s one of all of us outside the Javits Center.

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