Saddam, then and now

2004 version:

We couldn’t take the word of a madman.

2006 version:

Strike that. We can totally take the word of a madman.

I figure some slope-browed bloggers and radio hosts are getting hot and bothered about these 1990s Saddam quotes. They would be advised to listen to notorious anti-war activist Stephen Hayes:

A hypothetical: If the tapes are in fact authentic, imagine that they include audio of Saddam Hussein talking about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Does this mean that Iraq actually had these weapons Saddam thought he had? Not necessarily. One of the leading theories about Iraqi WMD holds that Iraqi scientists misled Saddam about his WMD capability. These scientists, according to this theory, lied to their superiors for fear of reprisals if their lack of progress on WMD development was discovered. That Saddam believed he had these proscribed weapons is not proof that he did.

Why does Stephen Hayes hate freedom/America?

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