I think it says something about our modern political divisions that the questions of Paul “Powerline guy #3” Mirengoff at a Democratic press conference are seen as utterly stupid on the left and star-in-the-heavens brilliant on the right.

Count me in the “stupid” category, if only by a little. Mirengoff basically restated Alberto Gonzales’ party line on the authorization of force act, then apparently asked if Durbin would sponsor a resolution on the issue in the Senate. (It seems like he was saying that, but Durbin cut him off.) Durbin didn’t acquit himself brilliantly, but as he left he conflated the names of Mirengoff’s employers Powerline and Pajamas Media, and Mirengoff snapped back at him.

DURBIN: I’ll check out Pajamaline, but I’m not familiar with your publication.

MIRENGOFF: Yeah. Dan Rather knows something about it.

Dan Rather? Um, ok. That would have been a great comeback 17 months ago.

There’s a haughtiness about the Pajamas Media crowd that really puts me off. First Roger Simon talks as if his series of detective novels rocked the world off its axis, now this. I think I miss the days when the most famous blogger was a scary goth chick.

*I’m pretty sure I just made a pun on “power glutes.” It’s late.

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