8 thoughts on “Shorter jedmunds from Pandagon

  1. you eat to stay alive dont you? you leftwing nuts are in a down hill path cant wait when you hit the bottom. If you have kids then shot them in the head Thats what your saying when women do abortions! You dont deserve to have kids or life your self! If they dont want kids dont have sex simple is that! Just like a drug addict! You people need to get your head out of the sand and open your eyes this is not a third world country! Throw away the poltics and act HUMAN! Or did you people forget that your HUMAN! A cell, A adam just as a abortion kills them. Its sicking that the leftwing even supports this. GUESS WHAT YOUR ALMOST OUT OF THE PARTY! And i can say the people of the united states who elect theses idiots now see there try colors. WE THANK YOU FOR BEING IDIOTS NOW WE WILL VOTE REPLICAN! THANK YOU AGAIN! Democrats now are like the teriost and then so will be GONE!

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