Well, that’s enough political bilge for a while. Here’s some stuff I’ve been enjoying.

Adrian Belew
I had known for years about this virtuoso guitarist through his work with King Crimson, David Bowie, Talkin Heads, Laurie Anderson, etc etc ad infinitum. But the other day I saw a cheap copy of his 1992 solo album Inner Revolution and said what the hell. Mercy me, it’s incredible. Imagine a Todd Rundgren without the treacle, and with a Beatles influence instead of a Carole King influence, and you’ve got the 12 songs on this record. Download “The War In The Gulf Between Us” (haha, whatever, it’s a perfect song). His other albums are also good, except for Desire Caught By The Tail, which isn’t good.

Richie Blackmore live albums
It took me a long time to get into Deep Purple because the lyrics were so stupid and, frankly, Blackmore isn’t that great at writing riffs (he’s not awful, but compared to Tony Iommi or Angus Young he’s nothing). Now I find that Blackmore comes the hell alive in concert. Deep Purple’s Made in Japan and Rainbow’s Live in Germany showcase some of the most psychotic, ornate soloing I’ve ever heard – “Man on the Silver Mountain” becomes 13:37, ok? Blackmore just gets in his little stance and starts quoting classical music, quoting other songs, hammering like the dwarves in Rheingold.

The West Wing
Yes, still. I’m constantly surprised at how solid the plotting and dialogue are in the Aaron Sorkin seasons. Very rarely can I stop after one episode, which is rare for me and TV shows.

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