Paging Mr. Medved

The combined gross of the five Best Picture Oscar nominees: $185,517,364

The gross of “The Chronicles of Narnia”: $277,867,308

Conclusion: Hollywood hates Christians. Oh, and they nominated “Munich,” so they hate Jews, too. Gays and journalists, you’re OK.

(A note: Since “Brokeback” and “Munich” are still in wide release, and “Capote” and “Good Night …” will probably get some new screens to cash in on the Oscars, the eventual gross for these movies will outpace “Narnia.” That’s what happened in 2004. But this might be the least-seen slate of Oscar nominees ever. By this point in 2004, the nominees had made $205,181,462. In 2003 (the year of “Return of the King”), $637,857,097. In 2002, $486,799,261. In 2001, $484,299,092. And so on. However, since I’ve seen all but one of these movies, I don’t care!)

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  1. I actually did write him an email on this subject (it was about how “Brokeback” will actually probably make more than $100 thanks to award hype) but he didn’t get back to me.

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