In his ongoing quest to shed his nonpartisan rep, Glenn Reynolds links to Gateway Pundit with this teaser.

IS CINDY SHEEHAN becoming the voice of the new Democratic Party? Hey, they used to dismiss Kos as fringe, and now he’s mainstream.

So I follow the link, assuming some dumb Democrat or another (Jose Serrano?) has come out in solidarity with Sheehan on some issue. Sadly, no! The link is to a picture of Sheehan, a VHeadline (pro-Chavez site) writer who calls herself a “a member of the Democratic Party here in the United States” who supports Sheehan, a link to CodePink, a link to a Sheehan diary post from September 2005, and … that’s it. No, wait – there’s a mention of Sheehan’s threat to run against Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein. So, in Insta/Gatewaypundit terms, the “voice of the new Democratic party” is someone who doesn’t hold office, but hates one of the Democrats who does.

This is really quite slimy. These bloggers are doing the work that party flacks usually do, spotlighting someone on the fringe and accrediting their actions and beliefs to the opposition as a whole. It’d be the same if Randall Terry met with a right-wing dictator and liberals/Democrats claimed that Terry was “becoming the voice of the Republican party.” (Although they’d have a bit more of a case for that – more Republicans voted Terry’s way on Terri Schiavo than Democrats voted Sheehan’s way on Iraq.)

Like I said, I expect partisan flacks and hitmen to say crap like this. But Instapundit? Not cool.

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