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Since I sorta defended lefties for a second there, I figured it was worth pointing out that Daily Kos, actually a useful/addictive site from time to time, has become nigh-unreadable on the Alito vote. It consists of my least favorite type of internet denizens – people who think fascism is nigh, and believe the way to fight it is by posting a lot on blogs. No and no.

Take the discussions on Sen. Robert Byrd, a left-wing hero for his stance on the Iraq War. (He was agin’ it.) He said he would vote for Alito. Given that he voted for William Rehnquist, Antonin Scalia, and John Roberts, this wasn’t too surprising. But holy crap.

I live in West Virginia and as I speak I am tearing up my WV Democratic Party affiliation. I am so completely disgusted with my spineless Democratic senator that I will never drive past the Robert C. Byrd ____ ever again without spitting.
Its not just the filibuster, it’s the “nuclear option” that must be defeated to stop Alito. Everything else is nothing more than a good show. Byrd may not be the quite so much the traitor or the fool he’s being made out to be.

If Judge Alito is confirmed to the Supreme Court, shortly after that ignominy is foisted upon us, “The Fat Lady” Will sing the praises of what this Republic used to be.

So I say to you, Mr. Byrd, with this vote that you have declared, you have assaulted me and my fellow country men and women. You have decided, in the twilight of your years to revert to being a coward who would strike out unexpectedly and leave us wondering and wounded by your blow.

Sleep well, Mr. Byrd, if you can. And while you sleep be assured that all you have stood for is being quietly dismantled. Our Constitution, which you profess to love and revere is slowly turning into dust and we are losing America.

It’s pretty much all like this. You can hardly even tell that the Roberts and Alito nominations are the only things Bush has done right in the last year or so.

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  1. I’m sure if he tried he could have messed that up, too. I mean, Social Security, Katrina, Miers, tax reform recruiting candidates for the Senate races – he really ate it last year.

  2. Sorry for rendering your post meaningless, Mark, but I deleted that post. I draw a line at people reposting articles in my comments.

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