Sorry about that. Lots of work + many distractions = not much blogging. I had a pretty good weekend, though, and it went like this:

– Drove erstwhile boss and friend David Mark to BWI (the “erstwhile” part refers to “boss,” not “friend,” obviously, as I wouldn’t give a ride to a former friend), and stopped off (after an hour of traffic) at John Tabin’s palatial Owings Mills estate. Italian fusion cuisine was eaten, and karoake was performed (though not by me – the karoake part no, the cuisine yes).

– Saw the third-ever post-GBV concert by Bob Pollard with Jeff Hayes, and at the concert I ran into Ken Persing and Pete Bothum (he’s in a band, their website is here). I expected Pollard to be great, but he blew away my expectations. His band, consisting of Tommy Keene (one of my favorite musicians, period) on guitar and keyboards, someone from Superchunk on drums, and two other people, comprised the tightest, fastest ensemble Pollard has ever played with. Better than the “Mark II” GBV lineup of Gillard, Farley, Tobias, and March. The first set lasted about 90 minutes and ran through most of Pollard’s new album and a smattering of his other solo songs. (As he begins “the Peter Gabriel phase” of his career, as he put it, Pollard has a catalogue of hundreds of non-GBV songs to choose from. How many solo artists start off like that?) The crowd was excited at first, but grew listless after song after unfamiliar song from his last year’s output. But they woke up for the encore. After the normal set, Pollard et al tore through (I think) ten classic GBV songs, and as I said, they did it better than any touring GBV I ever saw. (Tobin Sprout was a fun guitarist, Gillard was faultless and speedy, by Keene is a power-pop virtuoso).

Oh, and I made off with a signed copy of “Suitcase 2” bringing my signed GBV merch collection to: Two items!

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