Time magazine’s liberal-chronological bias

Michelle Malkin’s so damn angry at Time magazine that she’s torn up her calender in rage.

But if the magazine really wanted to “make a choice for the history books as well as one which is fresh and interesting, how could they pass over the … brave people of Ukraine? Time is so out of touch that none of these historic revolutionaries–Purple, Cedar, and Orange–were recognized in its “People Who Mattered” section.

Ukraine’s “Orange Revolution”* started on 11/21/2004 and ended with Victor Yushenko’s election as president on 12/26/2004. It was a big deal, and Time magazine even included Yushenko … in their “People Who Mattered” section.

2 thoughts on “Time magazine’s liberal-chronological bias

  1. Seeing as the “person” barrier was clearly broken years ago when Time chose the Planet Earth,” I think this year of all years should have seen the PotY be something clever like “Mother Nature.” Katrina, Rita, Stan, the Kashmir quake … she showed her colors this year.

    — david

  2. I wish the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation would come up with the money necessary to just get Bono the fuck out of my face.

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