Stop listening to Dick Morris

Sigh. Drudge excitedly hypes a new Dick Morris column about the spy story.

Politically, the left is making a big mistake in focusing on the issue. Bush is well-served by bringing the terrorism debate home. Isolationists — about 40 percent of the nation, divided between the two parties — will not back him on a war in Iraq but sure will support him against attempts to handcuff homeland security in the name of privacy or civil liberties.

In other news, hapless New York Senate candidate Jeanine Pirro is dropping out of the race against Hillary Clinton. But Morris saw that coming in August … uh, didn’t he?

At some point, Mrs. Clinton may feel Pirro gaining on them and wonder if it is worth the battle.

If Pirro posts some early gains, particularly upstate, where it is cheap to do early advertising, Hillary and Bill may read the handwriting on the wall and she may pull out of the race.

Well then. I herby predict that

– Democrats will use the NSA/Patriot act issues to propel themselves to huge wins in 2006


– The next great presidential race will be between Dennis Kucinich and Tom Tancredo.

One thought on “Stop listening to Dick Morris

  1. With the exception of his miracle years of 1995-1996, Dick Morris has been the man to go to for all-purpose wrongness, especially when it concerns the ever-imminent downfall of Hillary Clinton. (Just ask Sen. Rick Lazio, R-NY!)

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