Christmas Day

Once again, I hope you all* are having a great holiday. I’m completely blessed this year: a flexible schedule, not-too-scary deadlines, and an unwrapped copy of The World At War. Some random thoughts …

– I really should have bet some money on King Kong not succeeding at the box office. I loved the LOTR movies, I’ve loved Jack Black since he was a bit player on “Mr. Show,” and I think Naomi Watts is adorable. Yet when I saw the pictures and trailers for this months ago, I … yawned. Apparently so did the rest of you.

– The learning curve for Civilization III is steep, huh? Just as Civ IV is being released, I’m starting to get the hang of its recent ancestor. My problem (besides having a slow PC and only being able to play the game when visiting my parents) is my affection for the easy battle system in CivII. I got so used to that, and the resultant split decisions to invade countries and grab whatever I wanted, that the more painful, realistic battle style of this game drove me away. This time around, I realized you have to 1)round up and mine resources to build better units and 2)spend lots of money on scientific research to keep your army advanced beyond the armies you want to conquer. It took me 240 years to conquer Egypt like this, mostly because I hadn’t secured iron ore before the war started and spent a century getting enough to build fierce legions.

– I’m a geek.

*people who read this blog

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