4 thoughts on “The unbearable leftness of being

  1. Dave:

    Hi, that was me. You’re right, I didn’t summarize that correctly. I’ve changed it to left-libertarian, which is what I should have written the first time.

    William Beutler

  2. Well, he did recently call Charles Krauthammer “loathsome”, which is somewhat farther than I’m willing to go — I only find him loathsome about 3/5 of the time. (By the way, I’m that “stupid liberal” Dave’s rather confused friend Jeremy Lott refers to on his blog today — and, contrary to what Jeremy says, he never made any attempt whatsoever to “explain” anything to me, but simply kept repeating over and over again in response to my questions that he wasn’t going to make any attempt to justify his loudly expressed far-right views on several subjects because I’d hurt his feelings by asking. Hi, Jeremy!)

  3. I wouldn’t be so quick to drop the outrage. A “left libertarian” is generally understood to be an anarchist socialist — a creature a good deal further to the left than your typical “lefty.”

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