Some books

For some reason, I have less to say about books (which contain many written words) than movies (which contain almost none).

Joe Trippi, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” (2004)

Half (or 40%) campaign memoir, half (or 60%) gee whiz speculation on how the internet will change everything. I’m sketchy on the proportions because Trippi’s speculation can get very windy and repetitive. But it’s a fast read, helped along by Trippi’s boundless energy (which is often devoted to retelling stories about how tired he gets on the trail).

Bernard Goldberg, “Arrogance” (2003)

I got this from the library as part of some research for an article, and even as an assigned reading this blew. Goldberg rants for roughly 250 pages about how everyone’s dumb except him – dumb and liberal! Entire chapters are spent mocking Barbra Streisand or small-circ newspaper columnists who say crazy things like “maybe the Iraq war won’t go fabulously.”

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