Shorter Charles Johnson

Warum hassen die Quäker Amerika?

(Translated from English into the more fitting Deutsch.)

UPDATE: And he keeps digging!

Moonbats Frothing Over Quaker “Death Parties”

That’s funny: Where’d this “death parties” phrase come from? The Quakers themselves call them events. Here’s the first listing on their registry, from Fairbanks Alaska.

Candlelight vigil to begin at the Peace Center. Bring candles if you have them. Dress warmly. We’ll plan to walk towards Cushman, up to Airport Way,towards the Richardson Hwy, form a circle and hold a brief vigil next to Ft Wainwright, and then return to the Peace Center. Should be warm drinks there if needed.

These aren’t parties. They’re memorials by pacifists who were against the war from the word “go.” Johnson’s just calling them “parties” way because he’s getting desperate defending his fringe, bloodthirsty beliefs.

To wit, in this same post:

Here are just a few that are currently calling me (and Michelle Malkin) all sorts of names:

Crooks and Liars – Daou Report
The Huffington Post

They obviously don’t like it when their sick plans are exposed.

Who the fuck is “they”? These events are organized by the Quakers. Johnson is so twisted, and so paranoid, that he thinks everyone who doesn’t subscribe to his hateful ideas – the media, religious pacifists, 60% of the country – are somehow “in it together.”

I’m disappointed that so many smart people are clambering onto Johnson’ “Pajama’s Media” project. This is a sick, deranged little man who should be shunned.

UPDATE II: Heh. If you get the chance, read some of the “moonbats” Johnson links to – the ones he advertises as “currently calling me (and Michelle Malkin) all sorts of names.” Crooks and Liars:

Only Malkin and Little Green Footballs can be intimidated by the Quakers … Sure sounds like some party. I think Charles might be having a little “Sixth Sense” moment.

Daou Report:

But in this post, Michelle Malkin sheds every last vestige of decency … Her post links to a Little Green Footballs entry that makes the same odious argument, namely that this group is throwing “parties” on the day that we cross 2000 U.S. military deaths in Iraq. … Prominent bloggers like Malkin should know better than to soil our public discourse with this kind of garbage….. Rant over.


The top right-wing blogs – with Little Green Footballs and Michelle Malkin leading the way – are libeling the Quakers by calling their candlelight vigils “parties,” ostensibly, one infers, to celebrate the deaths of American soldiers.

Are LGF and Malkin sloppy or just liars. You decide.

Huffington Post:

Why are such prominent right-of-center bloggers so eager to express outrage over a bunch of candles? Disagreement over a cause or methods can be honorable. Wilful distortion cannot.

THAT’S name-calling? Johnson is a bigger pussy than I thought.

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  1. Wow, that’s an impressive leap he takes from “event” (on the site he links to) to “party” (his classification). And everyone knows how big Quakers are on wild keggers…

  2. Well, the Quakers like to keep a lid on this secret, but … if you sit silently and contemplate the divine for more than two hours, you can get a sweet buzz.

  3. Well, I think I showed my cards when I followed up “let’s shun him” with “let’s make fun of him some more.”

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