Protesting too much

What the hell is it with right-wingers and Al Franken? Bill O’Reilly despises him so much he has eliminated his name from the Factor lexicon – he calls him “Stuart Smiley,” out of spite. Yesterday, on the way to a haircut, I heard Michael Savage demand Franken’s arrest and a Senate investigation of CBS because Franken had engaged in some black humor about the Plame scandal on Letterman. (Franken matter-of-factly said the conspirators would be executed, then deadpanned “I really don’t support the execution of sitting presidents.”)

But Michelle Malkin … oh, man. She’s the worst offender by some distance. Today, on the release of Franken’s new book, she’s posted a Bible-sized screed about the menace Franken poses to America and our precious bodily fluids.

Watch this video … It’s a clip of the last few minutes of an exclusive promotional sales pitch for Al Franken’s new book, “The Truth (with jokes),” featured at (Thanks to my web guy, Mark Jaquith, for the technical assist.) The video skit blurs truth and fiction as a psychotic Al Franken kicks a man potraying a conservative reader in the groin, smashes a stool over his back, and grins as another man playing one of Franken’s fans cracks a bottle over the conservative’s head.

The real joke is that Franken’s staged assault inadvertently exposes and underscores the truth about the Bush-deranged Left. Over the past few years, we’ve seen frightfully Franken-esque intolerance, violence, and hatred spread from the moonbat fringes to the liberal mainstream to the top echelons of the Democrat party.

My goodness – she’s right. We thought it was cute when Cindy Sheehan led her truncheon-wielding anarchists in a pitched battle with the Crawford police. We stifled giggles when Hillary Clinton tossed an abused baby at Janeane Pirro and then backed over them with her SUV. We laughed when Ted Kennedy threw Orrin Hatch to the floor and cracked open his skull to feast on the goo inside.

How … could we … have been so wrong?

You know. For someone occupied with pointing out “unhinged” liberals hiding under every pillow, Malkin may want to spend less time psychoanalyzing promotional videos. It’s not the most “hinged” behavior.

UPDATE: Hey, you know who else has a book out today? Michelle Malkin! And it’s called “Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild”. Coïncidence étonnante!

Current Malkin Amazon ranking: #2,414
Current Franken Amazon ranking: #8

That’d unhinge anyone.

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  1. The real problem is that Al isn’t funny. I watched the clip yesterday when I first heard about it and didn’t crack a smile. On the other hand, the thought of Ted Kennedy feasting on the brains of Orin Hatch made me laugh out loud.

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