Diez el Viernes

I’ve gone a few weeks without spelunking the ol’ iTunes, but I’m going to come back to it this week as a way of announcing something cool. Starting later this month, I’m going to be reviewing CDs for PopMatters, the excellent pop culture/entertainment webzine. I’ll post my reviews when they start showing up. And now …

1) Game Theory, “Book of Millionaires” – Oh my, is this going to be an indie week? Shimmerly, languid jangle-pop from Scott Miller’s whiny rock behemoth. From The Big Shot Chronicles. (7/10)
2) Marshall Crenshaw, “Starlit Summer Sky” – Dreamy power-pop with a fantastic, McCartney-esque middle-eight and guitar solo. Inexplicably left off Crenshaw’s debut album, but re-recorded for 1996’s Miracle of Science. From Marshall Crenshaw, remastered version. (8/10)
3) Philip Glass, “Caught!” – One of the lesser movements from Glass’s second collaboration with Godfrey Reggio. Pretty much repeats the themes from the other movements, which are all pretty, but still … a B for effort. From Powaqqatsi. (6/10)
4) King Crimson, “One More Red Nightmare” – YES YES OH MY GOD YES. The closing track on side one of Crimso’s best, second-most-often underrated. (The most-underrated is Larks’ Tongues in Aspic. Duh.) Everything works, from Bill Bruford’s high-speed snare-tapping to the ghoulish handclaps and throttled saxophone. From Red. (10/10)
5) Roy Orbison, “Crawling Back” – Typically mediocre mid-period Orbison ballad. Pleasant and everything, and the “you know I would die for you, heaven knows I’ve cried for you” stuff is nice and Orbisony, but it’s basically a less-catchy rewrite of “In Dreams.” From The Classic Roy Orbison. (5/10)
6) The Police, “Contact” – Jittery Stewart Copeland song about screwed-up romance. What else? Excellent sci-fi keyboard hook and interesting vocal melody, and much less overplayed then, uh, all other Police songs. From Regatta De Blanc. (7/10)
7) The Smiths, “Never Had No-One Ever” – Yes, it’s Morrissey’s “I’M A VIRGIN” song. A middling tune saved by a gloriously decayed arrangement by Marr and the rhythm section, and the echoes on Morrissey’s voice. And then there’s a whistling solo. A surprisingly long 3 and a half minutes. From The Queen is Dead. (7/10)
8) The Shields, “You Cheated” – Vintage doo-wop of the “my girl is fucking around, or is that just a metaphor?” school. Some of the crappiest guitar work I’ve ever heard on a label release. From … I’m not sure originally, but I got it from The Doo-Wop Box. (7/10)
9) New Order, “Waiting For The Sirens’ Call” – Title track and possible third single from this year’s stellar New Order comeback album. A bit more slow and rocky than the average N.O. song, but works well for it. From Waiting For The Sirens’ Call. (8/10)
10) Jackie DeShannon, “Come And Get Me” – Bombastic torch song of the Burt Bacharach canon, like “What the World Needs Now is Love” but less overplayed. I’m not sure what album it came from, but available on the various artists The Look of Love Bacharach set. (7/10)

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