Simply divine

It’s nice to see that my departure from Northwestern robbed the school of columnists with anything interesting to say. This bit is only going to funny to one or two people, but sometimes those one or two people deserve a blog post.

I used to spend my time as the Co-director of College Feminists and I had a two-year long stint working on safety issues in ASG. Now I fill my afternoons with magnetic poetry, Diet Pepsi and divinity school applications. You read correctly; I want to be a minister. It’s not too often you run across a Unitarian/sorority girl/Canadian/Seattleite like myself, and I’m ready and willing to speak my mind.

I’m fairly certain it’s not too hard to find these people in Canada or Seattle, actually.

3 thoughts on “Simply divine

  1. As someone to whom this was funny, I say: Good point. Personally, I think this columnist’s nadir came in her debut today, when after producing a bland but generally accurate list of gripes about NU, she offers the following suggestion:

    “I implore students to vote in the next campus-wide election and let the Associated Student Government know when things are awry.”

    As yes: ASG to the rescue, everybody! Seriously, if I had a problem at Northwestern, and Joe Allbaugh had a college roommate besides Brownie, one who was so stupid even Allbaugh couldn’t get him a government job, I’d call THAT guy before I called Northwestern’s student government.

  2. There’s “funny ha-ha,” which is someone being clever and witty, and there’s “the other funny,” the kind that drives otherwise normal people to alcoholism in an effort to drown the overwhelming desire to take a machete and a belt of hand grenades to the Daily office.

    I’m glad to see the Forum page will remain funny for another quarter.

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