Not dead yet

I haven’t been blogging much – for the excuse, I’m going with “busy.” Just signing in to comment on my first experience with evite. I’m having an informal birthday party on Tuesday, so I used this service to craft an invitation and create a guest list and RSVP mechanism. The RSVP thing is going to be interesting to watch – I’d be surprised if more than half of the people I invited actually click an option, and more surprised still if I don’t monitor it every few hours. It seems like most people don’t actually fill out their evite forms even if they show up a party, but, still. Interesting to see this list in real time. The last time I threw a party, I emailed a list of 50+ friends to a sangria-soaked bash at my apartment in Evanston. Owing to a combination of rain and the finals week dateline, it was pretty much a bust. Coming so soon after a super-successful birthday party five months earlier, it really sucked. But I don’t think anyone actually RSVPed to either.

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