3 thoughts on “Cheap shot theatre

  1. ANSWER’s view is that we should bug out of Iraq immediately. At the very link you cite, we see that this view is shared by 30% of those polled. Care to revise your statement?

    People who are out protesting the war are still in a tiny minority. There’s no excuse for covering them as if they represent a broad-based movement.

  2. Yes, but that links goes to (among other stuff) the Gallup poll that has 67% saying they “disapprove of the way George Bush is handling the situation in Iraq” and 59% saying “the United States made a mistake in sending troops to Iraq,” both concepts shared by the protesters and disputed by Instapundit et al. The support for those answers when the war began were 26% and 23%, respectively. When the war began, everything the protesters said was a fringe position, but today quite a few of their views have majority support.

    I think we’re talking past each other on the media coverage question. I definitely think the media should note that anti-war group X was founded by Stalinists and pro-war group Y is a conservative astroturf group.

    BTW – I ended up chosing the other location for the get-together Tuesday, but I hope you can make it.

  3. Come on, Dave. People who are out protesting aren’t the ones who are simply having second thoughts about the war; they want to pull the troops out now. And anyway, Instapundit’s point was about the coverage, and apparently you basically agree with him.

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