It’s a regular, irritating irony that the people most threatened by terrorist attacks – New Yorkers, Washingtonians – are the most critical of the Bush administration, while the people least threatened think Bush is Clark Kent. This may be the silliest exhibit of that phenomenon. It’s a letter from a Utah mom to the Salt Lake Tribune, protesting the city’s mayor, Democrat Rocky Anderson, for opposing Bush.

The fact that Mayor Anderson used a VFW event is outrageous enough. But our military is fighting a war on terrorism. They are fighting to keep the war somewhere other than the streets of Salt Lake City and the rest of America.

I literally can not think of a city more safe from terrorism than Salt Lake City, a Mormon burg 700 miles from the Pacific Ocean, 900 miles from Mexico, and 2200 miles from the Atlantic. Maybe Legoland. Maybe.

8 thoughts on “WOLVERINES!

  1. I don’t know that I completely agree with you. Certainly, I can’t think of a city I’d rather see burnt to the ground.

  2. This is true, but the letter-writer was talking about the War on Terror against Muslim terrorists. The war against athiest blue state liberals isn’t scheduled to launch until after the midterm elections.

  3. Congratulations– with Tim’s endorsement of the murder of tens of thousands of people for ideological/religious reasons, DW-i has officially joined dKos, Atrios, and LGF in the annals of comment-section lunacy.

  4. He said “annals”.

    Huh huh huh huh huh huh.

    Perhaps it’s not quite as ironic as one would think. If Bush had kept his eye on the ball (er…on OBL), don’t you think a sizable chunk of NYC would forgive differences on cultural issues?

    Why would Osama’s continued livelihood bother a resident of Utah? With the plethora of Mormon undergarments keeping them safe?

    No wonder the Pentagon’s
    faith-based-missile-defense-shield is so expensive. The power of prayer coupled with the power of the finest Egyptian cotton ensures the no-bid contract every time!

  5. Just in case this comment foreshadows some comments yet to come, let me say: I like both Mormons and Salt Lake City.

  6. This one was totally my fault. I forgot that irony was supposed to be dead.

    I know several mormons, and I wish death to almost none of them.

  7. I’m sure Tim just means that there are some mormons he’d like to take out.

    Actually I see absolutely nothing wrong with Ken Jennings, for example, that couldn’t be made better by taking him out for a few (or perhaps twenty) beers.

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