The Wilmington scene

Pitchforkmedia critic (and Medill alum) Marc Hogan got his mitts on a hot new release by a band from Delaware.

You’ll probably never read about a Wilmington, Del., “scene.” No Philly-style “Next Borough” New York Times puff pieces, either. Why, I’ll bet you didn’t even realize that the home of many major credit-card issuers is the birthplace of Tom Verlaine and to-the-bone bad-ass George Thorogood. On aptly named Bar/None debut Nice and Nicely Done, local sextet the Spinto Band takes advantage of its hometown’s invisible indie profile to sprawl all across the map of twitchy, 64-crayon guitar-pop.

Here’s a review: Fuck Marc Hogan. Delaware kicks ass, as envinced by the Saturday, 9:00 pm premiere of C.J. Stunkard’s “Boys of Summer: Let’s Hear It For The Boys.”

UPDATE: Some confusion has arisen about by my use of the terms “Fuck” and “Marc Hogan.” I was joking. Marc’s a good guy and his is a good review. But I cannot resist a chance to plug Delaware or the “Boys of Summer” films.

5 thoughts on “The Wilmington scene

  1. Yeah, I just picked on the lede. Eventually we learn that the group “rarely fail to build on their obvious indie influences with swooning California melodies and quirky instrumentation.” Rock ‘n’ roll!

  2. Uh, Dave? You’re probably kidding somehow, but uh, if I were to post “Fuck Dave Weigel” on the Internet you might think it was a dick move. Weird.

  3. Haha, I think you hurt Pitchfork’s feelings. Chill out, Marc H. This is Weigel’s blog. People get hurt here.

    Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you to check out “Oh Mandy” by the Spinto Band. Really great, spaced-out, summery pop, with the sort of theremin line you just don’t hear any more. It’s everything you’re supposed to like about Clap Your Hands Say Yeah but don’t. And I can’t stop listening to it.

  4. Actually, I know and like Marc – we hung out at NU a few times, we’ve got some mutual friends, and we email/IM occasionally to talk about music. I went for “good-natured ribbing” here and apparently it came off as “total dick.”

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