Pataki Agonistes

In honor of George Pataki’s retirement as governor of New York, I give you: The Legacy of George Pataki.

Ah, memories.

UPDATE: Giuliani isn’t going to run to replace Pataki. He’s got a once-in-a-century shot (for a mayor) to win his party’s presidential nomination and, it’s expected, win the presidency. Why the hell would he give that up to run New York State, and delay a presidential run til 2012 or 2016?

One thought on “Pataki Agonistes

  1. Yo Dave!

    While I personally approve of the tone your blog takes on the political and media circus, I am definitely not pleased by your use of the image leading of this, your Pataki-slamming post. Why?

    a) you don’t acknowledge the source of the image

    b) you steal the bandwidth of the site from which you’ve taken this image: which is to say you’ve not bothered downloading the image to your server so it’s YOUR server that takes the load of the image download. This is real salt in the wound of a) above. In short (and I think I speak for the other adminstrators of the images you similarly “borrow”), you are messing with the general concepts of courtesy, respect, fair dealing and ultimately moral rights.

    While I am personally happy to release images for illustrative purposes, I like to be consulted first. In short, you’re pissing away good will.


    Patrick Davidson

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