Fifth column is the charm

It is a truth universally acknowledged that I enjoy “The O’Reilly Factor” way, way too much, and never more than when he’s turning the show into some crusade against a vile child molester or liberal. His Monday episode was pretty much the best ever – I quote (via Lexis) from his opening “talking points.”

Now there’s no question that worldwide terror exists because people help these savages. Some actively, some passively, but help is help.

Target number one in the USA is the ACLU …

Etc etc. Equally scary and funny. But what would have been modestly amusing as a monologue became a cacophony of gut-busting when O’Reilly introduced two journalists he’d asked to write lists of “people and governments they believe are aiding worldwide terror.” These were Robert Pollack from the WSJ and Stephen Hayes, the James Glassman of Iraq punditry. No one wants me to paste the whole stupid transcript, so here’s the short version of their lists of fifth columnists.

POLLACK: Dick Durbin, whose “Gulag” comments helped terrorists because “every time I have an argument with a foreigner about this kind of stuff, they always point to Americans. They say I heard it from Dick Durbin, I heard it from Ted Kennedy, I read it in The Washington Post.”

HAYES: Michael Moore, who is “still relevant because you don’t see these Democrats denouncing what Michael Moore is saying.”

POLLACK: The BBC, because when it doesn’t refer to bombers as “terrorists,” terrorists hear that and “they see that as weakness.”

HAYES: Al-Jazeera, because “they enable people who incite terrorists.”

POLLACK: The UN, which “seems to focus on Israel and the United States as the main causes of trouble in the world and pays scant attention to the Iranian and North Korean nuclear programs.”

HAYES: Cynthia McKinney, Jim McDermott, France (which “has not stepped up and been an able partner in fighting the terrorists.”)

Why did this segment bother me? It’s not that it’s so uniquely stupid. It’s that it’s almost four years since 9/11 and these guys are trying to blame terrorism on a movie director, an international organization, a European country, two news networks, and three Democrats. Pollack is a high-powered editorial writer, and Hayes is a journalist with high-level sources. They have ten minutes on the top-rated show on cable news to discuss terrorism – they could spotlight developments in central Asia, or immigration and police tactics in Europe, or something else deathly serious. And this is the shit they want to sling. So pathetic.

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