Saw some. Got some thoughts.

Batman Begins
Three-quarters of a fantastic superhero movie, and one quarter of a Steven Segal movie. Allow me to explain.

The acting, plotting and look of this movie is pretty much fantastic, on par with Superman, Spider-Man, and X-2. Batman’s origin story is fast-paced and perfectly executed – it makes a well-worn comic cliche fresh by playing with chronology and adding cinematic twists. Christian Bale’s performances as Batman and as Bruce Wayne are equally solid, and different – unlike the previous Batsuit wearers, he masks his voice and attitude when in crime-fighting mode. It’d be difficult to say much about the movie without spoiling it, save to say that it eschews the “let’s make the plot simplistic and dumb so that people can concentrate on the awesome costumes” tactic of other superflicks. That being said, the fight scenes and battles that cap off the movie are sort of pedestrian. 4 out of 5 stars.

Cinderella Man
Like Rocky, but it’s during the Great Depression and Apollo Creed is a Jew. 3 out of 5 stars.

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