Gay tyranny
Whither the beleagured “pro-family” activists of Massachusetts?

Brian Camenker of the Article 8 Alliance says since the MSJC legalized same-sex unions, Massachusetts has become overrun by homosexuality. “Even driver’s licenses now, when you renew them, have a question such as, ‘Has your sex changed?'” he notes.

Wow, that’s a great argument against gay marriage – “It makes going to the DMV unpleasant!”

Also, check out this *ahem* USA Today op-ed on Massachusetts after gay marriage, as well as this excellent Jim Antle column. I was a gay marriage skeptic when this whole weird movement began, but it really is looking harmless as it goes into effect.


Stupid and evil
The Little Green Footballs commenters are angsting about George Galloway’s appearence in DC, and got especially upset when he said “100,000” Iraqis have died since the war began. Later, he said that the oil-for-food program led to the death of a million Iraqis. And they say this

:#95 Quana 5/17/2005 09:07AM PDT
Why aren’t the Senators debunking this ‘million dead Iraqis’ lie?

#96 artboy 5/17/2005 09:07AM PDT
Jeeze back to the blame the USA and UN for killing children.

#118 BabbaZee 5/17/2005 09:11AM PDT
It went from 1 million to 100K in under 5 minutes

How stupid do you have to be to confuse deaths under sanctions with deaths after the start of the war? Stupid enough for LGF, I suppose.

I don’t have time to argue about the sanctions, so let me point you to this excellent Matt Welch article, point out that they were the main reason I supported the war, and remind you that even Michael Moore was against them.


Requiem for a hottie
Yeah, so … when did Lindsay Lohan turn into Joan Rivers?

UPDATE: I should’ve guessed that Defamer was on to this. And isn’t this a little bit awkward? A good portion of the “Mean Girls” era Lohan hype, exemplified by that SNL appearence, was devoted to her un-Disney voluptuous figure. A followup appearence, I imagine, is going to involve a lot of double-takes and gritting of teeth.


The miracle of shuffle has just produced possibly the strangest one-two musical punch I’ve ever heard – from Can’s “Augmn” to The Crests’s “16 Candles.”

In honor of this, how about a Friday iPod shuffle?

1.)Echo and the Bunnymen – “Rescue”
2.)Harry Nilsson – “Who Done It?”
3.)Aimee Mann – “I Should’ve Known”
4.)Randy Newman – “Real Emotional Girl”
5.)Roy Orbison – “Walk On”
6.)Rush – “New World Man”
7.)James – “Ring the Bells”
8.)The Beatles – “Day Tripper”
9.)The Arcade Fire – “Wake Up”
10.)R.E.M. – “Lotus”

Wow, that turned out way more Aryan than I wanted or expected. Let’s try a brand new shuffle.

1.)Pet Shop Boys – “The Truck-Driver and His Mate”
2.)Paul McCartney & Wings – “Jet”
3.)Rod Stewart – “Reason to Believe”
4.)Linda Ronstadt – “Still Within the Sound of My Voice”
5.)Robert Pollard – “Pop Zeus”
6.)My Bloody Valentine – “Only Shallow”
7.)Dramarama – “Incredible”
8.)The Stone Roses – “I Wanna Be Adored”
9.)Adam and the Ants – “Stand and Deliver”
10.)Chemical Brothers – “The Test”

Shit, what’s up with this? I spent 45 minutes yesterday adding Wagner overtures and Sugar Hill singles to the damn thing and this is what I get?


I don’t want to go off on a rant here, because I can’t anymore
Good news: CNBC cancelled Dennis Miller.

Bad news: They aren’t cancelling the rest of their seweriffic evening lineup. I mean, an extra nightly airing of “Mad Money”? Do CNBC’s viewers (plural?) really need two hours of a sweaty guy yelling at them to buy AIG or whatever?


Is this a fucking joke?

CNN will debut a three-hour, late-afternoon show hosted by Wolf Blitzer that will replace “Crossfire” and “Inside Politics” sometime this summer.

Three hours? Three? I mean … holy … just … Jesus.

I give you Matt Taibbi.

The Russians used to use bakery trucks, big gray panel trucks marked “Bread” on the sides; victims would be rounded up in the middle of the night and taken for one last ride through the darkened streets.

The war would almost be worth it just to see Wolf Blitzer pounding away at the inside of a Pepperidge Farm truck, tearfully confessing and vowing to “take it all back.”