I’m your bogeyman
I think this story Kos links to is bullshit. The Guardian’s cover today shows “internal polls” that put 100 Labour seats at risk. Thing is, the Guardian is totally in Labour’s thrall, and I think the party leaked them this info to put the fear of God into their apathetic voters. No one actually wants to vote Labour, but their base (around 37%, enough to win 376 of 646 seats) can be motivated by fear of electing Michael Howard, the Tory leader. Howard is a fairly loathed veteran of the Thatcher and Major governments who symbolizes much of what put voters off Tories in the first place – imagine the Democrats nominating Janet Reno and you get a picture of what Howard symbolizes and how disliked he is. I mean, Tony Blair said Saddam Hussein had weapons that could kill your children in 45 minutes, and Howard is still seen as less “trustworthy.”

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