Farewell to the ghouls
It’s funny that Michelle Malkin repeatedly deigns to call George Felos a “ghoul.” Technically, she’s correct – Felos is satisfied in an outcome resulting in death, which is textbook ghoulish. But once this Schiavo mess blew up, I was struck by what crass, deranged people the Schindlers were.

For the record: I don’t think there’s anything sad about a brain-dead person dying, because when they pass on they’re reunited with God. I know, I know: Crazy! So from this vantage point, I saw the Schindler family disgracing themselves and their daughter in order to keep her bound in her useless body.

– They filmed their brain-dead daughter moaning as they dangled lights and balloons above her, then gave this footage to international media organizations.
– They solicited and encouraged support from disreputable people and known self-promoters like Randall Terry and William Himmelsfahr, who then lied about their daughter’s condition for international media.
– They encouraged a slander campaign against their son-in-law, accusing him of abuse and fraud.
– When they heard their brain-dead daughter moan “Aahhh” and “Waahh,” they ran to cameras to claim she’d said “I want to live.” Their media representives let this untruth be repeated again and again, to the point that it’s spread into the propaganda of fringe religious groups.

In the end, they perpetrated a fraudulent picture of the situation, wherein their daughter was still conscious and her husband was trying to murder her to cover his crimes. I agree with Dan Kennedy that this is mostly the fault of scandal-hungry TV media, but they were led on by a family that seems partly disturbed (interpreting the moans of a woman with no cerebral cortex as moans and sentences) and partly malicious.

Terri Schiavo’s in heaven. If her family wants to join her, they had better hope they didn’t inspire any wackjobs to commit murder for them. At the very least they should start making amends.

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