From a blog approvingly linked by Jonah Goldberg.

First of all, I have a lot of respect for the Japanese people and the Japanese military. Look what they have done in the last 125 years, and especially what they have done in since WWII.

My emphasis, of course. And: What the fucking fuck? Someone respects what Japan has done in the last 125 years? No. Respect what they’ve done in the last 60. Go back further than that and you get this.

The source posts by Goldberg are pretty nuts too, come to think of it. Jonah approvingly reposts an email that says this:

I’ve always liked the nuclear Japan trump card for several reasons. One, you know they’d make them cheaper, more reliable, and with more options than the American nukes, so we’d have to catch up from the 30 year old technology in ours. Two, they’d turn them out like Toyotas and Hondas, so any hopes of regional dominance by China would be dashed. Three, if Japan went nuclear, how long till South Korea and Taiwan followed (China’s worst nightmare)? Four, with all of the others, we wouldn’t have to send a carrier group over every time China got it’s nose out of joint over the existence of Taiwan and decided to act like Asia’s BSD. In the prophetic words of the Derb, “I don’t see how you can ever have enough nukes”.

You know what? Screw John Derbyshire. I agree with Ronald Reagan on this one.

It is my firm conviction that preventing the spread of nuclear explosives to additional countries is essential to world peace and stability. It forms an indispensable complement to the efforts we have undertaken to bring about deep reductions in strategic and intermediate-range nuclear weapons. It is no exaggeration to say that the future of mankind may well depend on the achievement of these goals, and I intend to pursue them with unflagging determination and a deep sense of personal commitment.

What’s wrong with some of these pro-war bloggers, anyway? Goddamn!

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