Back in action
Figured out the internet hiccup. Get this – I’d let my davidweigel.com domain name expire. Since it had been experiencing glitches anyway, I hadn’t thought to check the registry when I lost service for more than 24 hours. I should have … there was a 3-day window wherein the domain name belonged to no man. But I’ve bought it up agin til 2008, so all’s well.

Unrelated thought: I unpacked some stuff from home today, including my new passport. I originally got a passport as a minor, in 1997, before my move to England. It bore the stamps from every country I visited in those years – Ireland, France, Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy. But at some point in my multiple moves to and from college housing and to and from summer apartments, I lost that passport. I felt briefly gloomy about this – little bureaucratic mementoes of three years of my life are lost somewhere, forever. But I’ve decided to treat this naked new passport as a totem of a new beginning.

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