The sugar plums are rancid!
Being that I bought half of the world’s known consumer goods this year, I was not expecting a ton of gifts at Christmas. Those expectations are still bearing fruit, as one gift from Rhino Handmade, ordered on 12/13, has been put on “backorder.” Oh Jimmy Webb box set, when will you be mine?

The stuff that did arrive is pretty amazing.

The Police – Message in a Box
As I had with Led Zeppelin, I’d forgone buying any Police albums because I knew this box existed. The four-disc monster includes literally every song ever released in any format by the band Sting was in before he sucked. Lots and lots of little songs I’ve never heard are on here, most of which I like. The cons (“Mother”) are pathetically outnumbered by the pros (“So Lonely”).

Kirsty MacColl – Galore
18-track compilation for the singer-songwriter, released before her untimely 2000 demise in Mexico. Top-notch shit like “They Don’t Know” and “He’s on the Beach” predominates, although there are some tracks I don’t love.

Wiseguy – “Sonny Steelgrave and the Mob” and “Mel Profitt”
The first season of Stephen J. Cannell’s badass cop show, starring Ken “the chin” Wahl as undercover spook Vinnie Terranova. The first box pits him against mobster Ray Sharkey, and the second features Kevin Spacey as a blinkered criminal genius straight out of David Lynch.

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