The Dowding of America
Julian Sanchez is so right.

Anyway, I wonder if we aren’t partly to blame for this whole stupid trend of context-free “gotcha-quote” pulling. It has a definite bloggy feel to it, and I can’t recall a previous election where the tactic of abusing people’s old (actually unremarkable in context) statements was so common.

Well, that itself is kind of out-of-contexty, so feel free to read his whole post. But the gist is, Maureen Dowd wrote a column in 2003 quoting George Bush as saying terrorists “are not a problem anymore,” when he was clearly saying, in a Gary Cooper pique, that the terrorists we’ve KILLED are not a problem any more. And unfortunately, that kind of selective quoting has become the theme of this entire goddamn campaign. It’s gotten so bad that Tom Tomorrow did a cartoon on it and I laughed.

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