So the parents surprised me and got me a 20 gig iPod after all. Without hyperbole, I can say that this is the best object I have ever owned. Seriously, that’s not hyperbole. Consider:

– I collect music like George Bush collects diplomatic failures. In my collection are more than 1600 CDs and around 7000 MP3s – probably more than 30,000 songs over all.

– I work out, but have been slowly going crazy at the tendency of my burned CDs to skip after I’ve used them a few times on a treadmill.

– I like holding small metal things.

So this little marvel is making my life better every minute. Hell, I’m not even bothered by those monochrome iPod commercials any more, wherein silhouettes of young people bust out hot dance moves. That’s the thing about the iPod – you can swing your arms like an octopus, and the damn thing won’t skip. It’s just such a breath of freedom, like when you’re 10 and you realize gravity is different underwater and you use that to renact Chun Li’s hurricane kick from Street Fighter II.

Maybe I was the only one doing that. Whatever.

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