So, yesterday I’d expected to go into the city early to have lunch with a friend who’d come into town. She didn’t return my calls, so I assumed it was cancelled, and settled on going to a concert tonight and hanging out with another friend Sunday night.

Today I wake up late, having gone comatose after the concert. Three messages on my phone. I check them at 4:55.

1:) From Friend 1, 1 pm. She had car trouble and wasn’t here yesterday. Want to have an “early dinner” tonight?
2:) From Friend 2, 2:50 pm. He crashed his bike and was in the hospital. Can’t hang out tonight!
3:) From my parents, 4:50. Had I contacted any of the people who owe me money? Call back.

The point isn’t so much the misfortunes of the friends. The point is the hilarious timing of events.

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