Dispatch from planet Kos
What do you make of this?

I magically found myself with an RNC Guest Pass today (moohoohoohaahaa), and so I made my way toward the Garden, herded along with many, many, hot, pissed-off New Yorkers. Eventually, security stripped away layers of the great unwashed, leaving me strolling along the sidewalk with GOP delegates and other various soul-sucking creatures from the depths of hell.

As we waited to get through the final barricade before crossing 7th and going into MSG, a man guiding a wheelchair against the crowd called out.

“Excuse me… excuse me…” he shouted “Democrat coming through.”

Now, I don’t know if the crippled old man in the wheelchair was an actual Democrat or not, but I do know what the asshole behind me (O’Reilly wannabe pictured at right) shouted back.

“The river’s right over there. Why don’t you go dump him in for us.”

The author of the post uses this as proof of Republican evil. I say … what kind of dick wheels past GOP delegates yelling “Democrat coming through”? No one’s blameless in this.

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