Tough questions
Lisa di Moraes’s write-up on Kerry’s upcoming Daily Show appearence is a little off.

Arsenio Hall did not ask tough questions, which Stewart does, we pointed out. If Kerry wants late-night softball questions, might it not be better to book him on Jay Leno’s show?

“Unlike President Bush, [Kerry] answers hard questions and, unlike Bush, he’s running a positive, issues-oriented campaign and has encouraged young people to vote and not to stay home” on Election Day, the spokesman shot back.

Actually, Stewart only asks hard questions of politicians he wants to nail, like Henry Bonilla. When anti-Bush folk come on the show, Stewart is as tough as a sofa bed. Hell, the producer says they’re going to ask Kerry why the media is so easy on Bush.

For more tough questions, see Stewart’s golly-gee Bill Clinton interview.

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