Holy shit, Vol. 2
Michael Moore is right on.

Foreman: Are you going to go to the Republican convention?

Moore: Yes, I am. I already have my credentials.

Foreman: How do you think you’ll be received there?

Moore: I think it will be fine. Are you implying that Republicans are not nice people?

Foreman: No. I’m implying that you have a lot of fans here.

Moore:I already have my credentials. And so do my 25 bodyguards. [Laughs] Just kidding. I’m a guest columnist for USA Today. They’ll be running my columns, by the way, because I’m willing to work with an editor. You know what happened with Ms. Coulter.

To clarify: Ann Coulter, instead of working on her column with the editors who hired her, fled Boston, printed her column (with her editors’ notes) online, and gave interviews to TV hosts and columnists who made no effort to get the other side of the story.

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