Dead hobos
I’m fairly skeptical about Jon Stewart’s potential to save mankind, but this dialogue with Tom Brokaw is funny:

STEWART: Listen, he`s–I think, you know, if he doesn`t rise to the occasion, he doesn`t deserve to be president.
But the interesting thing to me is, with all the challenges that face the country today, whether it be terrorism or the economy or that, the real question is, are the Democratic wives loose cannons? I think that`s really the thing that we should all be talking about.
BROKAW: Well, we had a chance to talk with Teresa Heinz Kerry earlier tonight. And she said that reporter mischaracterized what she had said. He came back to her and said, what were you talking about un-American activities?
BROKAW: And she said certain un-American traits, which is civil discourse in American politics.
STEWART: Absolutely.
But it is–I think we should focus a lot of time on the wife race, because, as you remember, we nearly lost World War II when Eleanor Roosevelt told the reporter from “The Hartford Times Courant” to sit on it. So, these are issues that we really should be talking about. And Teresa Heinz Kerry, for what it`s worth, yesterday I saw kill a hobo with her bare hands.
BROKAW: Now, when you`re down here on the fort, a lot of people come up and ask your opinion.
STEWART: You`re going to let me go with that? You`re just going to let me say Teresa Heinz Kerry killed a hobo with her bare hands?
BROKAW: Yes. Yes. Right. Yes.


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