To clear up any confusion or possible conflicts of interest:
– I work for USA Today’s op-ed page. The opinions below are my own.
– Coulter turned in a strikingly incoherent column yesterday, which she has now posted on her website. I fact-checked it, but while I did the honchos and Coulter were engaged in some kind of negotiation, and right before deadline a decision was made not to publish.
– I think it’s a terrible piece of writing. I mean, “Sadly, they won’t be fighting to the death as is done in W.W.F. caged matches”? People DON”T FIGHT TO THE DEATH in cage (not “caged”) matches! This was way below the level of writing in Coulter’s books, which I think were what we thought she would provide to … you know … the audience of America’s largest-circulation newspaper.
– In my view, Coulter has proven a complete jackass in her response to this. I caught her telling Sean Hannity that USA Today wanted her “byline,” and were interested in the idea of a conservative writer without having the balls to actually print one. Yeah, Ann. That’s right. The paper that prints Michelle Malkin and Jonah Goldberg is afraid to publish a real conservative.

UPDATE: Greetings from Kausfiles readers! Judging by my e-mail, at least four of you think I’m a complete idiot. So, welcome! Also, I edited this post a little to smooth down my angry, post-“Hannity and Colmes” rant. As I said, I was the fact-checker – the actual decisions in l’affaire Coulter were made by people who, unfortunately, don’t keep up blogs.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Greetings from Bookslut readers!

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